2016’s Essential Skills Update for HR Professionals


2016’s Essential Skills Update for HR Professionals


There’s a common belief that employees are a company’s greatest asset, as they help achieve all business objectives by continually bringing their knowledge and skills to the table. Thus, the importance of finding the best ones to join your organization, along with retaining them to have a strong workforce to stay competitive in the entire business landscape.

HR professionals and recruitment officers alike are responsible for ensuring that their company has the greatest talent in the market today, and the best possible human resource department too.

A study conducted by the Bolton Consulting Group in 2012 revealed that an exceptional HR staff is key to having high revenue. Just as how other employees need to update their expertise, HR specialists also need to do such to keep pace with the changes transpiring in the workplace, as well as for the betterment of the entire organization.

As experts in Human Resources, Manila Recruitment lists the essential skills that HR mavens should take into account to better take on their responsibilities, and eventually become the best in their field.


Since HRs have an entirely different expertise, they should prove that they’re really experts in their domain. From the basic HR know-hows and practices to complicated matters like organizational development, training, labor relations and laws, employee performance and evaluation, and various business operations and functions—all of which should be among your knowledge.

Develop your already outstanding domain knowledge by taking specific courses, attending seminars, and wading through other topics like finance, sales, and technology to prove that you can still add value to the company.


Organization, although may seem to be a simple one or may not be even considered as a skill, plays a signification role in the human resources department. Time management, for instance, is necessary for accomplishing all tasks such as accommodating numerous applicants and efficiently processing relevant documents, among others.

Having this trait can significantly benefit the organization as everything is completed in the best way possible. Creating a to-do list can help you stay track of all your tasks. Decluttering your workspace can also help in identifying paperwork that needs your attention.


With the several tasks that come with the role, being great at multitasking should not be overlooked by HR professionals. Aside from conducting interviews and processing of various documents, there are a lot of other issues and requests that will come once in a while. Thus, the importance of being able to multitask and balance all things required.

Don’t get too overwhelmed with your tasks piling up. Knowing which ones to prioritize can help you in accomplishing all your requirements and even meet your deadlines. Conversely, doing two easy tasks simultaneously can help you become a great multitasker.


Being able to negotiate is a must-have trait by HR professionals, especially in discussing employment terms and conditions such that final agreement will benefit both the applicant or employee and the company.

Should an employee ask for a raise or an adjustment in his schedule, but the business isn’t able to provide such is where great negotiation would be deemed necessary. All possible conditions just to retain an employee will likely be suggested by the HR manager. Before making a decision, however, it is important to evaluate the employee’s request and weigh its pros and cons to determine the best negotiation tactic to implement.

Conflict Management

It is the HR’s role to ensure that employees get along with one another to have a fantastic work environment. Then again, clashes in the workplace are inevitable and can bring about major problems that may affect the entire organization.

Having conflict management skills can be of great assistance in resolving all issues whether it’s just between employees or already involves superiors, for everyone to get back on track and focus on their work again. By knowing what happened, understanding the entire incident, and hearing all sides of the story can help you be great in managing conflicts.


Communication, although important in all types of work, is highly crucial for HR professionals. Considering that they do not only communicate with applicants and employees but also with higher-ups, having excellent communication skills is necessary for the success of an organization.

Boost your communication skills not only in public speaking but also in writing by constantly conversing with everyone in the office—regardless of their status, to help build up your confidence.

Being an HR professional is tough, just like with any other jobs, but with the right knowledge and skills, you can be an expert in your field. But with all these, becoming the best HR professional will merely be a child’s play.




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