7 Digital Recruitment Strategies to Implement During a Virus Outbreak

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7 Digital Recruitment Strategies to Implement During a Virus Outbreak

With COVID-19 still a threat worldwide, working from home has become the new standard. Given the risks of public exposure, businesses across various industries have gone digital and let go of their physical infrastructure. This shift towards remote work has led to changes in company policies, culture, and operations.

Over the past few months, your organization may have dealt with many difficult scenarios, such as letting go of partnerships, repurposing your services, and finding various means to cut costs. While this may be on a case-by-case basis, one challenge you may have faced during this period is hiring the right people.

If your company has vacancies that need to be filled as soon as possible, you may be wondering how you can hire amidst a pandemic. Since physical interviews won’t be possible anytime soon, the best alternative is shifting to digital methods.

Digital Recruitment Strategies to Implement During a Virus Outbreak

To help you acquire top talent, this article will enlighten you with digital recruitment strategies.

1. Use more social media

As an all-in-one tool, many hiring managers have relied heavily on social media. Thanks to its ability to display ads to the right people, 58% of companies have integrated Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram into their recruitment strategy.

While being present on employment websites and job boards can still be advantageous, social media gives you a unique opportunity to have genuine engagements with your prospects. Once you’ve built a business page, you can post job openings on your timeline, converse with potential hires, and share why working with your company is the ideal choice.

In case you don’t want to create one, you can still find your way to job hunting groups filled with fresh graduates and experienced professionals.

2. Add UTMs to your digital campaigns

Now that we’ve established the importance of social media, the next step would be to create targeted ads. As with any marketing campaign, you’ll need to track which ads are generating the best results.

Luckily enough, UTM codes can do the trick. An Urchin Traffic Monitor (UTM) code is a simple snippet of text added to the end of a URL. You can use this feature to track certain parameters, such as traffic source, keyword term, and campaign name, to give you an idea of how well your campaign is performing and make adjustments with ease.

3. Recruit like you’re marketing

Marketing and recruitment are two different fields that share a similar nature. Professionals in both industries find ways to attract new prospects and convince them to make a transaction (or, in this case, a hire). With this analogy in mind, HR professionals should treat candidates the same way marketers approach their customers.

To maximize the effectiveness of their campaigns, marketers research to establish their buyer personas. This semi-fictional representation of their ideal customer helps them understand their audience, tailor-fit content, and drive more sales opportunities.

In this same manner, recruiters should also build an image of their ideal candidate. By establishing certain characteristics, requirements, and demographics, it narrows down your search for employees. You can use these parameters with the targeting capabilities of job posting sites to ensure that your openings are visible to high-quality prospects

4. Remarket to website visitors

Remarketing is a technique where you show ads to people who have previously interacted with your company. It’s important to know that most of your prospects are not ready to apply the first time they come across your company. Since they’ll be weighing the pros and cons of their options, it may take some time for them to file their application.

The technique will allow you to stay in the minds of your prospects during the job-hunting phase. Showing them ads after they’ve read your blog or interacted with your page will increase the likelihood of a desirable action. Paired with the right analytics tools, attracting applicants should be a breeze.

5. Make your contact details visible

Make it easier for job hunters to message you. Whether it’s on a dedicated landing page or a call-to-action at the end of a blog, make sure that your prospects can easily view your contact details. Providing your email address, phone number, or a link to a sign-up form will guide them into an application.

6. Increase the loading speed of your recruitment website

Your organization may be the ideal place to work for, but if the quality of your company website is poor, your candidates will think otherwise. According to research, 32.3% of a page’s visitors are likely to leave when it takes 7 seconds or longer to load. Slow websites have high bounce rates, which will eventually affect your rankings on the search engine results page.

If you want to gain more recruitment opportunities, then optimizing your site is a must. Having beautifully-designed landing pages with the right speed to match will increase your chances of hiring top candidates. Just make sure to A/B test your website regularly for maximum results.

7. Have digital onboarding

Once an applicant passes the recruitment process, digital onboarding will ensure a smooth transition. By conducting a video meeting on his/her first day, your new can fully grasp your organization’s goals, culture, and expectations. Now that face-to-face interactions are limited, a good onboarding process will help them adjust in no time.

Digitize Your Recruitment Strategy

Even after the pandemic is gone, many organizations will likely stick to a remote working setup. If your company follows suit, you’ll need to digitize your recruitment strategy to attract the right prospects.

In case you’re having trouble hiring amidst the pandemic, partnering with a recruitment agency in Manila will give you the necessary solutions. Win big in the talent race and contact Manila Recruitment today!