Debunking Generational Stereotypes at Work

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With five different generations working together in the modern workforce there can be quite a bit of tension. We’ve seen clashes between Millennials and Baby Boomers play out in popular culture. We also often hear common stereotypes that older workers don’t know how to work with technology or that younger workers wouldn’t make good managers. 

Fundera investigated some common generational stereotypes in the workplace (that older generations are more satisfied at work, more committed to their jobs, and less likely to leave than younger generations) and explored whether or not they’re true. They based their findings off a study in the Journal of Business and Psychology. 

Ultimately, it turns out that generational differences in the workplace are quite small. Every generation values feedback from good managers and respect from their peers. It also seems that all generations, from the Silent Generation to Generation Z, dislike change and enjoy learning at work. 

Companies should dismantle generational stereotypes by pairing up older and younger workers in mentor/mentee relationships. They should also establish returnship and apprenticeship programs that are open to workers of all ages so that no one generation feels left out. 

Check out the infographic for a deeper look at generational differences in the workplace.


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