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Preparing to Manage Your Filipino Team Remotely

Building a team of skilled and cohesive employees can be tough, more so if you are establishing teams across various geographical regions and time zones. Remote teams are not a new concept, and many businesses today build and manage teams that work entirely outside of a central office location. In particular the Philippines has become a renowned location for establishing offshore teams and there is a recipe for success in the Philippines and for other locations too.

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Bridging the Cultural Divide: Filipino Employees for Your Australian Business (Infographic)

Like in any business setting, outsourcing staff does not come without inherent risks and difficulties. Often, issues occur due to technical hardships and communication barriers, but mostly, they arise from inevitable cultural differences. These differences between traditional practices, cultural identities, and historical background may cause disputes between the employer and the offshore staff.

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How Tech Startups can Benefit from Creating an Offshore Development Team in the Philippines

More and more companies are turning to building offshore development teams for a number of back-end processes. Often, the practice of setting up an offshore team is left to big companies that are mostly in the financial, telecommunication, banks, and insurance industries. However, many of today’s small and medium businesses have also established offshore development teams to perform a more efficient work at a lower cost.

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