How to Build Your Offshore Dream Team

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Having multiple teams across the world may be considered as an achieved objective for your business. This is what offshoring is all about—to grow your business operations to far regions, inviting top talents and innovative ideas to contribute to your business’ further successes.

In 2016, India, China, and Malaysia are the top three countries who lead in the offshoring business services. When offshoring your business, you have to consider a country’s financial attractiveness, people talent and availability, and overall business environment.

Offshoring: Building Your Dream Team

After multiple meetings and approvals to offshore some of your business services and research on countries you’re eyeing on, the next step is to find the right people for your team. This step is crucial as it can make or break your offshoring endeavor.

One of the rising countries in offshore services is the Philippines. With its vast and rising economy, coupled with English fluency, offshoring your services in the country can be effective and productive. For best results, you may hire an expert recruitment firm in the Philippines to get you started.

1. Meet your possible team members in person

The best way to know a person is by meeting him face to face. This way, you can see your prospects and observe their talents and personality real time.

Schedule a time where you can personally meet your team members—may it be through video call, a face to face meeting, or let them fly to your headquarters, as long as you can see and talk with each other. This is also a great opportunity for you to learn a country’s culture, lifestyle, and work traditions so you can adjust some of your plans to cater to your offshore dream team.

Always keep in mind that you’ll be in charge of your business development, so it’s vital to know the people who’ll work for your company far from where you’re located.

2. Know that you may get lost in translation

Different English communication barriers, cultural mismatch, and contrasting context interpretation—it all happens. In offshoring, it’s about how you get the word passed down to your team members. If someone understood it the wrong way, things can get problematic pretty quickly.

When distributing instructions, choose your words and speech tone carefully so that all of your team members have the same grasp despite the communication issues. Aid your words with visual elements for easy comprehension.

3. Keep your branding in good image

Bonus points when your company has a good reputation and did well in the industry. When introducing your company, your team members would want to know more about you as they work for you in the long run. Additionally, how you manage your people and your working culture is also a factor for individuals to consider working for your team.

Great companies attract top talents, so before you invite people from other cultures, make sure your company is in good shape and management to incur credibility and transparency.

4. Take care of your team members

Once everything’s smooth sailing with your team abroad, most companies tend to leave their offshore team hanging, forgetting about certain projects on their side of the business.

Your team members would want to hear more business projects from you. It’s important to keep your team members motivated in the job and give them something to look forward to everyday.

Treat your offshore team members as you would with your internal team. Provide company outings, work-life balance especially for people working on different shifts, and have weekly calls or personally meet them and keep them updated with projects. Take care of your team members as they take care of your business.

5. Prepare for a distinct and a diverse business experience

When offshoring your business to a new environment, it is common idea that you’ll be exposed to a number of fresh ideas from a diverse set of talents outside your area. Offshoring has helped in giving businesses numerous chances to win and achieve set goals and implemented vision.

The varying cultures and different perspectives present new standards for your business to cope with the changing times and individual mindset. These prove that differences do matter, and can make doing business with another country worth the risks.

While offshoring can help in reducing costs and continuous service development, it’s not easy to get your business ahead to far regions. Not to mention, the challenges in terms of communication, time zones, and control are waiting at the sidelines.

However, your business should take risks to avoid being comfortable in your current progress. Offshoring is a partnership, and you and your team will make matters and consequences work for the improvement of your company. With the right people and business outlook, offshoring can be a dream come true as early as possible.



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