Biggest Workplace Complaints

Most of the intro is ok, but is it alright if we go straight to the last point on the second paragraph? Let’s do away with the examples as more modern businesses are having relaxed rules on those things, but some things that annoy Asian offices remain the same such as being too confrontational. Would it be ok to edit the intro to something like this:

Let’s talk about how the world is different. Sure, we’re all humans. But our different cultural experiences and norms mean that we experience things differently, and that we have different expectations. For example, how you work in the United States is not going to be the same thing as going to work in Europe or going to work in an Asian office. And if you don’t understand that and then have to work with a global company or have a global branch, you might step on toes. While Americans prize the individual, Asian cultures put the focus on the group. What the group needs and what the group has decided, this is what leads the process of Asian businesses. Want to learn more about some of those irritations that you can avoid in order to blend in? This graphic explains it.

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