7 Best Traits of Filipino Employees That Make the Workplace Efficient

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Filipinos are best known as hard workers, displaying resilience, creativity, and resourcefulness in their daily lives. These uniquely Filipino qualities help them stand out and rise to the top of their respective workplaces. It’s no surprise that many foreign companies prefer offshoring in the Philippines and work with Filipino teams for quality work. Ron Cullimore, Head of Client Services at Manila Recruitment has this to say:

“I have worked indirectly (while in Australia) and directly (since moving here in 2015). I have always found most Filipinos to be very hard working, loyal, productive, respectful, resourceful, passionate and caring. I have worked with many of these people over my time and truly love working with Filipinos.”

Mr. Cullimore highlights that these qualities of Filipino employees are the ones you want to see in a candidate, and a potential employee you want to invest in. This article will provide an in-depth perspective on the traits that make Filipino employees some of the best in the workplace.

1. Resourceful

“Filipinos are naturally adaptable. Living in a country that is prone to natural calamities such as typhoons and volcanic eruptions, adapting has been a way of life for Filipinos,” shares Senior Recruitment Relationship Manager of Manila Recruitment, Arvin Ramos.

As a result of this resilience, Filipino employees are equipped with the adaptability and resourcefulness needed in the workplace. They can easily improvise when an unexpected situation occurs and create temporary fixes to ensure things are running smoothly until the matter is resolved.

As much as they are quick on their feet, the Filipino employee’s resourcefulness and adaptability also lead to more long term and permanent solutions. They don’t stop at solving problems at hand; rather, they make sure that such problems never occur again or at least recognize prevention early on.

And when limiting situations arise, this resourcefulness also manifests in creative and out-of-the-box thinking when developing solutions, making their work all the more valuable.

2. Passionate

Filipino employees not only work hard, but they also want to be the best at what they do.

“Because of the importance given to work, you can expect that Filipinos would give no less than what is expected of them,” adds Ramos, “And you can expect Filipinos to pay it forward—by being the best that they can be and by their loyalty.”

This drive to excel in their field, along with an excellent work ethic, leads Filipinos to deliver quality and top-notch work for their employers.

3. Takes initiative

Taking the initiative in the workplace isn’t just for leaders: being able to step up to any challenge and make the right judgment is essential for every role. It also calls for going beyond what is expected in a situation and working towards a better outcome. No matter what kind of position they are placed in, Filipino employees go above and beyond with their duties to get the job done. 

“You can expect that they are willing to adjust and adapt despite the many changes that can happen due to external circumstances,” Ramos notes.

4. Responsible

Not only do Filipino employees work hard to deliver results, but they also take great pride in their work and all it entails.

“Apart from the proficiency in speaking the English language, there are other traits that they speak highly about of Filipino talent. These traits include the high level of ownership and accountability over their work,” Ramos explains.

You can count on Filipino employees to be responsible for their work—from ensuring all requirements are adequately met to owning up to any shortcomings or mistakes. This makes them reliable members of any team.

5. Calm under pressure

In any workplace, things may not go according to plan. From mishaps that create new challenges to unexpected and disappointing results of a project, difficult situations raise the stakes and the pressure on employees to weather the storm.

What makes Filipino employees stand out is their ability to adapt to any situation and remain calm under pressure. While it is impossible to have complete control over a situation, Filipinos rise above by keeping their cool, analyzing a situation as best as they can, and responding in the right way.

6. Eager to learn

In the workplace, Filipinos have a natural drive to learn and continuously grow and improve. They’re also not ones to shy away from opportunities, even ones that require learning new skills or knowledge bases. 

The reason for this, suggests Ramos, is because Filipinos want more for themselves. “Filipinos look at the opportunities that sprung from the evolution and expansion of the Philippine economy and industries as a tool for social mobility.” This strong motivation makes Filipino employees more eager and willing to fill in positions that require continuous learning.

7. Ready for leadership roles

Filipino employees are more than just great workers; they also make for good leaders. Filipino traits in the workplace—like being responsible, resourceful, calm under pressure, eager to learn, and taking the initiative—are consistent with the traits of leaders who help move their organizations forward.

Ramos notes certain Filipino traits that make these workers most likely to succeed as leaders in the workplace. “Two dominant family values that Filipinos carry in the workplace are pakikisama (being a part of a community) and pakikitungo (knowing how to relate with others). Both are premised in one’s ability to relate and adapt.”

With these values, Filipinos can effectively manage while remaining in touch with the needs of their employees and organizations.

Local Skills Meant for a Global Workplace

It’s clear that Filipinos set themselves apart in the global job market with uniquely Filipino traits that bring out the best in their performance. Companies looking to fill their roster can count on Filipino employees to meet and exceed expectations every time.

Mr. Cullimore concludes, “ Filipinos are extremely hard working, conscientious and loyal. As such, I always see them go out of their way to do the best they can and more. I cannot really fault the drive and ambition in those Filipinos I have had the great pleasure to work with so far over the years.”

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