Beating Misinformation In The Time of COVID-19

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The spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been felt all around the world. This has meant that communities have been asked to take special hygiene and social-distancing measures to further stop its spread. Whether it’s working from home,  or practicing proper social-distancing and hand hygiene, it’s these little but significant steps that can ensure we’re doing our part to stop the spread.

At Canva, we believe that we are better when we work together. This is why we’ve created a series of templates to help the global community share accurate information from the World Health Organization and spread messages of support to your community. Below are some resources that can help during this tough time.

Image Credit: Coronavirus Awareness Collection by Canva

We Want You…To Spread The Right Information

With a lot of articles and news circulating around, it might be overwhelming to process your sources of information. The virus itself is already alarming, and tuning in to false information would only amplify that, and could potentially cause more harm. 

You can always count on updates from the World Health Organization. They have also dedicated a special page on myth busters to counter myths and scams that circulate online. 

Some safety tips and best practices prescribed by the WHO have been gathered and compiled in a COVID-19 awareness collection by Canva. You may adapt these designs and share them with your communities to equip them with ways to protect themselves and others.

Image Credit: Coronavirus Awareness Collection by Canva

If you would like to follow the COVID-19 numbers on a global landscape, this
COVID-19 dashboard by Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center shows an interactive map of how the statistics change by the day.

Trust established news outlets to fill you in with the latest and developing stories on the pandemic. Follow official social media channels of your respective national and local governments and health departments. In the Philippines, you can follow the Department of Health’s Official Facebook Page to stay updated with nationwide news, as well as other tips on how to battle and avoid COVID-19.

If you wish to receive information frequently, you may opt to subscribe or list alerts on your favorite messaging apps. Some organizations like WHO via Whatsapp and governments around the world are present on these apps as an additional communication platform. Meanwhile, Telegram users in the Philippines may access an alert channel handled by a group of volunteers here.