The Anatomy of an Effective Executive [Infographic]

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Everyone is unique and has their own leadership style that can open new opportunities for the business. However, when searching for executives, it’s not just a matter of style or temperament. Rather, there is a list of criteria that makes an executive effective in his own right.

If you’re looking for a new C-Suite executive, here are the things that make an effective executive, as well as a list you can use to make your job easier.

Effective Executive
Companies with executive positions vacancies are vulnerable. It doesn’t matter if the position is an existing one or a new one, executive hiring must be done in a strictly confidential manner.

This way, the company can keep competitors from receiving news about management changes or any issue that can affect not just the business but also its employees, products, suppliers, customers, and stakeholders.

An effective executive can be rare, regardless of industry and business size, and looking for the best fit can be more time-consuming and expensive compared to hiring other applicants in other levels. This is why many companies work with executive search experts like Manila Recruitment to look for top executive talents.

Executive search requires a different approach. Interviewing and hiring new executives is a sensitive and highly confidential process. This is where search firms come in. Working with an executive search firm also allows companies to lay out in great detail their specific requirements.

Of course, hiring a third-party vendor to look for your company’s next leaders is another expense. The cost of search experts outweighs the potentially damaging consequences of hiring the wrong talent for the wrong position.

If you’re looking to fill in new executive positions or fill in old ones, working with an executive search firm can help you find the right candidates.




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