Adapting Your Digital Campaigns Amidst COVID-19 Pandemic

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With the movement of the entire world restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the feeling of uncertainty surrounds businesses. Only a few things are a guarantee, and for business owners, preparing for something like this is close to impossible. They can only adjust to their current situation and take the necessary steps to manage their investments such as their digital campaigns.

If you’re a business owner reading this, regardless of the size or what industry or sector you are in, the objective now is adapting to the current circumstance. Make things work in this current business climate in order to maintain a source of profit. Since everyone is staying indoors for their safety, your digital campaigns are your best shot of making a living.

During these challenging times, investing digitally to pull through is the most effective business strategy. Focusing your efforts to help your business get some sense of stability by using the internet as a tool through tailoring your digital assets will bring about positive results. This article will highlight adapting your digital campaigns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Inform customers about the pandemic’s effects on your industry

The continuation of business operations during this unprecedented ordeal is different among industries. Some restaurants have closed down with no definite timeline of when they’ll re-open while some businesses that do not require traveling to their respective workplaces such as digital marketing agencies still operate, with their employees working at home. However this pandemic is affecting your business operations must be made known to your customers.

The efficient channel of communication you can use to notify your customers or clients is the internet. Send e-mails, post an update on your social media accounts, or pin a banner on your website that indicates business is as usual for your company. Most of the effective agencies like Carl Ocab Digital Marketing did just that to inform their clients that they’re continuing to serve them while their employees are staying safe at home.

Recognize which campaigns should be paused

Amidst all that is happening all during this crisis, it’s important to assess all your active digital campaigns. Which of them are sending the appropriate messages to the market and which of them are not needed during these trying times. It’s time to shift your focus on things that are essential in helping your business and your customers.

It’s vital that you recognize which ones of your campaigns should be put on hold. Since everyone is mostly online these days, the messages that they see should at least be helpful. If you deem that some of your campaigns are not what the people are looking for during this crisis, then it’s okay to hit the pause button and wait until this is all done to activate them again.

Take this opportunity to make special offers

You have the opportunity to show support to your customer base and more importantly, your community. Identify your product or service market fit and create a special offer that you can put out that can help make things better for people during this crisis. Many are browsing online to look for discounts to save money in a time of unrest. You can use these offers for a better cause and help families in the poverty line or the ones that are serving in the frontlines in the battle against COVID-19.

Boost your SEO

Search engine traffic is hitting highs during this pandemic since everyone spends their time online. Aside from searching for a source of entertainment and updates on current events, people are also looking for necessities. Essential goods and services are limited, so most are searching for alternatives online.

This is where your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts can be used best. Focusing on it will make your business more visible and will make you one of the top go-to’s since consumers are seeing your website first.


Effectively adapting digital campaigns amids the COVID-19 pandemic should be a priority for businesses that invest in them because of the advantage it presents. This is the key to having a sustainable source of profit so your business can withstand the effects of the current crisis.

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