8 Best Free Resume Parsing Software

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An online resume parser is a software that helps you extract vital data from any resume. This software allows a parser to pick out the key components of an applicant’s CV. The components can be in the form of skills, work experience, email, degree possessed, and name.

We have different resume parsing software that helps users with the automation of storing, collecting, and grouping resumes of people. With this software, you can analyze, scan, and extract vital information from thousands of documents.

Job recruiters use a free resume template to make their jobs easier. You have the luxury of using this software in the way that suits you best. 

Why do you need an online resume parser?

Here are some reasons why you should use this software:

  • The software offers users an efficient means of recruitment.
  • It offers no human errors.
  • The software is easy to use and has fast access to resume data.
  • It helps in the optimization of resume information.

Top Best Resume Parsers


1. Grove HR

Grove HR is a full-cycle HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. Now, with AI integrated into the recruitment features, it helps streamline HR tasks by efficiently parsing vital data from resumes and HR documents. This smart feature automatically organizes the extracted information into the right fields, providing HR professionals with time-saving precision and enabling a quicker, more accurate candidate database.

You can use its recruitment module free of charge, which includes powerful features such as creating a branded career page, customizing your hiring stages, dragging and dropping profiles into appropriate recruitment pipelines, utilizing built-in email templates, automating the onboarding process, and more.


2. Affinda.Com

When people talk about online resume parsers, many software comes to mind. One of the best resume parsers to use is Affinda. The company was launched in 2013 in Australia. The Affinda CV Extractor is state-of-the-art software that uses machine learning technology in its extraction of data.

The software has the ability to pick data from a massive number of data fields. It collects and groups data into compatible file formats.

When you have completed your data collection, the software organizes the data into Excel, XML, or JSON output.

It works with small-scale businesses, mid-scale businesses, freelance businesses, non-profit organizations, and others. Affinda resume parser features include automated candidate screening, application input, data extraction, resume management, resume importation, semantic matching, multiple languages, social media corroboration, etc.


3. DaXtra Parser

If you want a resume parser that can work effectively to extract data in several languages and with high accuracy, you can use the DaXtra parser. Many recruiters use DaXtra parser for their analyzing, matching, and searching CVs.

The software is compatible with every resume style, template, or layout. It supports the corroboration of social media. The software offers coverage for many countries in Asia and Europe.

DaXtra parser is ideal for people who want to have an accurate extraction of data. The software is popular for its skills classification, data output, extensive multi-lingual CV parsing technology, analysis reporting, strategic enhancement of data collection, seamless email integration, and organized data output.


4. EGrabber Hiring Prospector

ResumeGrabber was the name many people knew of this software before it changed its name to eGrabber. The tool helps recruiters to search and send emails to their target applicants on search engines, social media, and job boards. It sends emails when the applicants have seen job orders.

eGrabber is a sophisticated software designed to locate emails for recruiters. With the software, recruiters can find the emails and contact information about their qualified applicants or candidates.

Mostly third-party professional recruiters, working with companies for their suitable candidates, use the software. These recruiters source for these candidates on different job portables. With the software, they import the profiles of these candidates and analyze them for the jobs. 

The process of seeking the right candidates becomes easier with the software. The companies save money and time with this method of recruitment.

eGrabber is super-fast and efficient in extracting data. The software can work with different formats.


5. Burning Glass LENS Suite

Burning Glass LENS Suite helps recruit the most suitable candidates with its filtering and skill-based sorting approach. Big Data analysis powers this software to narrow down your search. It provides trend insights and job information to help you recruit people.


6. HireAbility ALEX Resume And CV Parser

The software offers support for different artificial intelligence tactics like natural language processing and pattern recognition. It offers users correct and relevant results.

You can seamlessly integrate products with the software. Recruiters can automatically handle their entry of resumes, saving them time and money. It increases productivity and data quality.

HireAbility ALEX Resume and CV Parser offer relevant and accurate data in custom, XML or JSON format. It takes barely some seconds to process data extraction. You get your customized results from your target audience with this software. Matching the efficiency of applicants’ resumes to companies’ requirements is easier when you use this software for hiring process automation.

You can access the software in over 40 languages, which makes it a globally accepted resume parser. 


7. Sovren Resume Parser

This software offers accuracy and speed in its resume extraction. Sovren resume parser offers an encrypted end-to-end feature that masks identity. Security is enforced in this resume parser.


8. SeekOut

SeekOut features AI-enabled recruitment analytics and talent search to search for suitable applicants for jobs. The software helps in managing hiring, engagement, and sourcing for resources from online talent pools.


The best free resume parsing software offers recruiters speed and accuracy in extracting vital information from applicants’ resumes. Some of the listed software comes with security features that protect users and applicants.