5 Best Employee Recruitment Practices in Today’s Digital World


5 Best Employee Recruitment Practices in Today’s Digital World


It is a known fact among employers that great talent is not abundant. Highly-skilled candidates with high potential are hard to come by especially for companies who don’t carry out a proactive approach in recruiting.

Today, finding and hiring a talent has become more critical due to competition, economic uncertainty, and high costs. Whether you need to quickly hire a volume of new talent, fill in a key position, build a talent pool, or streamline your recruiting process, you should aim to maximize your resources.

Taking a proactive stance in finding suitable candidates aside, a company should dig into resume databases, social media, and the like. Sourcing is more important than ever—thanks to the wealth of information available online from community forums to social profiles. The technology-powered work environment today can help you automate your recruiting methods and staffing activities for a more efficient hiring, and thus, better business performance.

For employers and hiring managers who are determined to take matters into their own hands, here are the best employee recruitment practices to keep in mind.

1. Maximize multiple sources.

Finding top talents have been made easier by modern technology. But, social media, resume databases, and online forums aren’t the only means to recruit potential employee candidates.

Creative sourcing and pipelining tactics comprise taking advantage of multiple sources. This includes digging deep into the blogosphere and personal online sites that feature portfolios, having an executive search firm in Manila extend you a helping hand, hosting an open house to have already-interested candidates come to you, and attending industry-related events to build your network.

2. Be hands-on and take the initiative.

 Although creating comprehensive job posts that appeal to and encourage job seekers to apply is part of the process, job descriptions alone won’t cut it, especially when the talent you are looking for is actively seeking work.

LinkedIn’s Global Recruiting Trends Reports reveals that 75% of professionals see themselves as “passive” candidates, which is a lot of potential candidates that job posts don’t connect with. However, by incorporating the practices said in the previous item, hiring managers can take a more proactive approach in finding top-notch talent for their company.

3. Have a careers website.

Creating a careers website can help manage and facilitate your recruiting processes. In fact, it’s a great place to begin if you don’t have a clear-cut method in place.

The primary goal is to attract potential candidates to your company, build long-term relationships with them, assess candidates suited for available positions, and finally capture and process candidate information in a structured way.

A careers website can give you an edge in recruiting—more so, gain financial benefits from direct and opportunity cost reductions.

4. Have an ongoing pipeline of qualified candidates.

Don’t wait for a position to open up before looking for a talent, as this only leads to employee and hiring manager playing catch-up. The best practice is to have an existing talent pool or an ongoing pipeline of qualified candidates.

The ideal set up should be when a position becomes available, employers should have at least one person in mind who is potentially fit for the job. This comes in handy for companies that frequently hire for very specific jobs.

5. Track participants from start to finish.

It’s almost always that we find ourselves quickly committing to something and finding it difficult to follow through. A technology-backed recruiting process enables companies to access job seekers via an online community or platform anywhere, at any time so you can track them throughout the process to ensure they are completing assignments.

By following up with participants on a regular basis, and providing support from start to finish, you are more likely to get engaged members, and as a result, comprehensive data.

Ultimately, it is all about continuously improving your recruiting process. By digitizing the process and being consistently proactive, you can recruit the right employees, and ultimately, deliver better insights that inspire more strategic business decisions.




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