4 Tips on What It Takes for Your Recruiting Agency to Have a Strong Online Presence

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If you are someone from the recruiting business or just kickstarting an agency, you don’t need anybody telling you that the competition is tough – chances are you are already aware of that. It seems as though everyone’s on the lookout, and while some search for experienced and accomplished individuals, others want talented beginners to can shape based on their needs. 

If you wish to make your agency prominent, you need to work on your online presence because the search for candidates and clients, applying, testing, and even job interviews have migrated online. With that in mind, here are the top 4 tips you need to consider to make sure your recruitment agency gets noticed online. 

Create relevant content 

There are two parties whose needs a recruiting agency has to cater: the job seekers and employers. Although these needs differ, they boil down to connecting talented and hard-working individuals with a position suitable for their skills and knowledge. What you want to achieve with this is to present your recruiting agency as a valuable source of information for both parties, an expert they can consult to get the right answers.

For example, while focusing on those who are looking for a job, you might opt for topics related to writing a CV, what to put and what not to put in it, how to format it, etc. When a job seeker who is creating a CV finds this piece of writing, the positive experience that comes from those useful pieces of information will gradually turn into trust towards your agency. If your target audience is the employers, you could post valuable advice on how companies can evaluate their recruitment process and consequently improve it. If you are building a reputation for your agency of an expert in everything recruitment-wise open to sharing constructive pieces of information online, that built trust will result in your agency’s growth.

Stand out with a catchy domain

If you are just setting up your recruitment agency, you naturally wish to get noticed by companies and individuals looking for employment as soon as possible. While most strategies, except paid ads (which can strain your startup budget), focus on achieving long-term goals, there is a way to get instantly noticed – a catchy domain. And now, brace yourself, because you are about to be mind-blown: .com is not the only possible solution for the last segment of your domain name! This segment is otherwise called top-level domain or TLD and most people are genuinely surprised when they learn they have more choice and that’s where the fun starts. 

For instance, if you have chosen a name for your recruitment agency but it seems as though you need something to make it more interesting online, the right TLD can come to the rescue. Just imagine the combinations you can come up with by adding a memorable .me TLD to your domain name! And don’t worry, from Google’s perspective, TLDs that are not .com are just as SEO-friendly, which means you get the same standards but ensure much more attention for your agency from the start. 

Leverage the power of social media

Although the majority of businesses have realized the importance of social media and started using them, as competition grows and fads come and go, you need to develop a solid strategy. Simply posting information about open positions in a strict form on your social media profiles will not cut it with today’s employees who are passionate about social networking, such as Millennials and the younger generations. They are your target audience in terms of employees and this is why an engaging Facebook account and informative LinkedIn account are a must, while being active on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram is also a plus.

Besides the mentioned quality of content, you also need to tend to the communication with your audience since one of the biggest benefits of social media is that you get to interact with your audience. You need to respond to their questions and compare their profiles across different media and leverage the relevant data you find to discover just the right approach. Also, think about the formats: as mentioned, there is no reason to post-traditional open position ads when you can announce an opening through a meme or via a video. The possibilities are endless which makes social media a powerful tool in building an online presence for your recruiting agency.  

Try out blogging as a tool

As already concluded, sharing carefully selected pieces of information to your audience creates a positive reputation and helps builds trust. This is why blogging is in a manner a natural solution to spreading your agency’s influence, and in this regard, you have three choices: starting your agency’s blog, being a guest on other blogs or a bit of both. If you choose to create a blog on your agency’s website, just make sure you are consistent in terms of how often you post since sporadic posts can make the audience feel like you are not committed.

On the other hand, if you opt for being a guest writer on other blogs, the frequency doesn’t have to be that precise, although it would be good to create a balance between the quality and quantity of your writing. This is because to create a reputation of an expert in the recruitment field, you need to write informative and original articles so that other blogs would want to publish them. This strategy has one crucial element you mustn’t forget – linking the article to your agency’s website so that the readers can easily find it. 

Final thoughts

The challenging thing about recruitment agencies is they have to be noticed by two sides – those who are on the lookout for a job and those who search for employees and your task is, to put it in simple terms, match these two sides suitably. Since both of these parties often dwell online, your agency also needs to build a strong online presence, which is why you should consider these pieces of advice and implement them.