10 Expert Tips on How to Attract Recruiters on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social media platform where millions of working professionals can connect with each other, share interesting content, converse about new ideas and hire new employees.

It’s the perfect place to display your online CV, with your previous experience, skills and background all covered in your profile. This profile can be viewed by your connections or any other LinkedIn member, depending on your user settings. This means that your profile is in the sightline of keen recruiters, who are always on the lookout for new talent across the platform.

This is to be expected. LinkedIn is the largest lead-generation platform for recruiters. It’s where they find a large majority of their prospective employees. Therefore, LinkedIn can be a competitive space, with millions of like-minded professionals vying for similar roles across a variety of industries. So how should recruiters find the best prospects?

You need to make an impression with your profile. Any curious recruiter could pass through at any moment. You need to make sure you are making all the right moves to make yourself as enticing as possible.

CV-Nation, who are CV writing and recruitment experts, have gone ahead and created a detailed infographic that offers the best tips to improve your LinkedIn profile and ultimately make yourself an attractive proposition for any recruiter.