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The job market for IT and software based roles in the Philippines has exploded in recent years. There has been a growing, local movement from start-up companies working in areas of key web and mobile app innovation. There has also been an enormous influx of foreign businesses establishing dev teams to support their overseas operations. This hive of activity has cultivated a large talent pool of well-trained, foreign exposed, Filipino developers who work largely in Manila on cutting edge platforms to be rolled out in all corners of the globe.

Accordingly, the war for IT talent has become increasingly hard-fought in the Philippines. There is an undersupply compared to the demand for experienced, software engineers and full-stack developers who work with the most in-demand technologies. This has created a highly competitive business environment for attracting and retaining Manila’s top development talent. Gone are the days of advertising for IT and software roles and receiving talented candidate inquires. In today’s market the top talent are hidden from the sight of job boards and LinkedIn, are all gainfully employed, and are being treated with special care by their employers to discourage them from leaving.

Nevertheless, if you utilize the services of a top IT headhunting firm or recruitment agency, you will have a partner who understands the competitive landscape and who can help you target, attract, hire and retain from within these “hidden talent pools” for IT and software roles.

Founded in 2010, Manila Recruitment has fostered the strongest team of pure IT headhunters in the Philippines. Our team of end-to-end IT recruitment consultants focus on sourcing and securing UI and UX designers, web developers, mobile developers (iOS and Android), software developers, software engineers, software architects, project managers and CTO’s in the Philippines.

Over the last 7 years, we have been carefully curating a database of over 200,000 IT, digital and software based candidates that we can uniquely access for our clients. We have almost every technology covered, and we focus heavily on the recruitment of IT staff with skills that cover the in-demand programming languages, frameworks and technologies such as:

• Backbone.js, AngularJS, Node.js, ReactJS, JavaScript
• Ruby, Ruby on Rails
• Python, PHP, HTML, CSS
• C#, Objective C, C++, JAVA
• iOS, Android

Why is our service different from that of other IT recruitment firms, IT recruitment agencies and IT headhunters in the Philippines?

Simply stated, we focus on three key areas for our clients:
1. Unrivalled Business and HR consultation
We are founded by a perfect blend of start-up innovators and corporate leaders who have previously taken several businesses in the Philippines through initial establishment to flourishing, profitable operations. Along the way we created inspiring cultures for employees that allowed us to attract and retain the top innovative, Filipino talent. Based on this experience, we will provide you with deep consultation plus a winning growth and retention recipe for your business that is proven to work. We will never just offer you an off-the-shelf recruitment solution.*For foreign companies, we also provide a free, holistic and business-driven consultation for establishing a new team in the Philippines.

2. Unique sourcing capabilities, delivering previously unreachable talent
We DO NOT advertise to attract candidates to IT roles for our clients. Therefore, we shelter you from further exposure to the highly visible, job-hopping and over-processed candidates who are commonly tapped on job boards and LinkedIn by average recruiters. Fortunately, our philosophy to lead innovation in headhunting has been designed to provide access to pools of IT talent that are not being approached by others. To achieve this, we spend extra time understanding your business, your goals and your culture, as well as your technology and HR recruitment requirements. We then tailor a headhunting campaign aimed only at passive candidates (those not actively looking for work), and who are not being constantly tapped and recycled by other recruitment teams in Manila. Our unique methodology produces exceptional results for our clients, and gets the qualified talent required to establish and grow IT driven businesses. Our results speak for themselves:

• In 2016 our clients hired over 200 of our candidate endorsements.
• In 2016 our hit rate was 33% (one in 3), and in Q4 alone it was 48% (one in two)! *Hit rate calculates the ratio of the number of candidates endorsed to produce a successful hire.
• Our job offer vs. hire ratio in the second half of 2016 was 95%.

3. The highest level of customer service:
We pride ourselves on establishing long-term relationships that add value to your business. We’re fast to respond, we listen, we’re proactive and we live and breathe your requirements with a never-say-die attitude. We’re the type of partner who gets excited by the latest developments in recruitment science and the newest technologies for headhunters. Plus we have the strongest desire to help you succeed. This is because we have established and grown several teams ourselves, and we know what it means for you to have a competitive advantage in human capital, and for your business to be successful. Our recruiters are trained to be consultative, helpful and out-of-the box problem solvers for you. We also have a dedicated client services team to help you with any aspect of your relationship with us.

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Don’t just take our word for it,
See some of our


Recruitment of Ruby on Rails & .Net Developers


“I am continually impressed with all the developers that Manila Recruitment have sourced for us! Both for Ruby on Rails and .NET. Although I find it difficult to admit, I don’t think our teams would be as strong as they are today without your help!”


CEO, YouSource Inc, (Manila)

Recruitment of Executives & IT Positions


“My name is David and I head the Manila-based operations for a rapidly growing digital marketing company called iStack Holdings.


In early 2015 I flew to Manila with the goal of setting up a team to help us grow our company. I wanted talented designers and developers – the best, not just anyone.

I was lucky enough to find Manila Recruitment and use them alongside my own recruitment efforts. I quickly realised that the quality of candidates/hires I acquired through MR made it an extremely easy decision to stop doing it myself — and this saved me more time than I can imagine.


I now use MR exclusively and they have helped us grow our operations rapidly from nothing to almost 30 talented staff in about 18 months. These staff have been indispensable in our company’s growth and success – people who we depend on and trust with high value work, not generic BPO staff.


If you would like to find the right staff in The Philippines, especially in the areas of technology/development, you won’t find safer hands than Manila Recruitment. I firmly recommend you invest in their services.


Following Manila Recruitment’s induction to its recruitment philosophy, which was invaluable in managing our own expectations in hiring timelines, time was taken to not only understand the roles we needed filled, but also the urgency and business drivers in hiring the local team.  The overall service provided by Manila Recruitment was excellent, with a strong emphasis in using an open and consultative style of engagement to ensure our needs were met. I have no hesitation in recommending Manila Recruitment to any organisation looking for a recruiter that works hard in finding the ‘right people’, instead of simply ‘filling seats’.”


Head of Manila Operations, iStack Holdings Limited (Manila)

Recruitment of Start-up Web Development Team


“Manila Recruitment spent time to understand our requirements and perfectly executed the plan to hire our first Web Developer, Designer, PHP Programmer and SharePoint Expert. We have since used Manila Recruitment for several other positions, including iOS and Android developers as well as a Frontend developer and another PHP developer.


All done with care and understanding of our needs. They also provided business advice on how to establish and maintain our offshore team in Manila”


Managing Director, Cirrena Pty Ltd (Perth)